If you have ever wanted to know about angels and the archangels and how to connect with them then workshops are the perfect opportunity?


The workshops provide the stimulation of connecting and attuning to the loving positive energies of the ethereal realms and networking with others also looking for a spiritually uplifting day.


The Workshops invite into your life a structure and experience of deeper angelic understanding.


The celestial exploration of the day is in the form of both group and solo activities. Each activity is simply a greater way to connect to opening the heart centre so the Angels have a telepathic line of communication.


Self care loving positive energy and heart communication exercises also allows for the benefit of guidance and transformational healing to happen .

Angel Answers Hypnotherapy

Angel answers is a wonderful inner sensory experience of meeting and connecting with your own spirit guides or guardian angel.


Your powerful subconscious will guide align and navigate the ethereal realms for guided answers and clarity.


The different planes of existence accessed during your personal hypnotherapy will add depth, knowledge and understanding in regards to your life and the importance of your spiritual purpose.

Rahanni Healing

Rahanni is a beautiful pink Ray energy that balances and focuses on your heart centre. This activated pink light assists with self healing at every level.


This powerful celestial energy is a wonderful and much needed gift for the age of Aquarius and new millenniums.


The healing light is a higher level assistance to your own self healing and expands your ability to self love by the principle of connecting to your heart centre with the assistance and integration of energy from Angels guides and higher frequency channelling.


The main Archangels contribute their particular attributes to the session which aids and assists the healing at the appropriate level. If you are sensitive to energies, you may even feel their presence in the session.

Rahanni is a special new vibrational healing to help humanity at a higher level and helps us to calm the mind heal and find inner authenticity.

Angel Meet-up

This meet up group was established for anyone unable to aLend any of my London Angel workshops but who would s7ll also like or manage to aLend a more in7mate event based connec7on .


The wonderful igroup members who have been aLending are like -minded individuals with a passion for the angelic realm ,feel good factor and desire to receive new ethereal perspec7ves the events that havevbeen hosted involve a few hours of absorbed focus on various angelic topics .everyone in the group work towards the same goal of learning and connec7ng .


Having a collec7ve interest and focus on the Angels has enabled this group to flow with greater understanding regarding the celes7al ,realms universal principles and source energy .The meet up group is a happy place and aligns with everyone's desire to have lighthearted exchanges .The previously scheduled archived meet ups have some lovely photos that highlight how close knit the group has become through finding a common established need to connect


my overall belief is the beLer you feel the beLer connec7ons to the Angels .our wellbeing is our natural state of being .The principle of the group is reach for the thoughts that feel beLer and you align more easily with the rhythm of the universe and Angels



Angel Workshops

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