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Past Life Regression

could I loose control and embarrass my self ?

let me rest your mind and just know you are always in control .I am just a guide to help relax you sufficiently to access your subconscious and reconnect with your past memories .You are in control and can bring the session to an end by opening your eyes .The feeling of deep relaxation allows self hypnosis relaxation to a light trace state allows the rational side of your brain to step aside and allow your subconscious wisdom to come through,Over thinking and processing with your rational side of your brain can block access any potential snapshots or streaming of

memories imagination & symbols .

How do i know if what i am receiving is the truth?

proof in evidential details can possibly come through a session that can be researched or having access to inner teachings languages or abilities not apparently learnt in this lifetime .
validation of your how emotionally linked to the memory is often an indicator you potentially getting relief and less anxiety from the original issue.Often it is just the subconscious wantng to be honored that its being weighed down by this outdated programme of emotional high volicity .Thesubconcious may just be finding outlets of expression through body system symptoms or your natural emotional immunity

Often it is just the case that a circuit of emotion was created before it could be released from a particular life time.The session allows the potential for
. the lens of self acceptance and honoring the emotion that has been stored away for many life times.This is the
is the potential basis for

any self healing .

should i take the first steps to booking a session?
.You will have the opportunity to find your own answersand the healing you seek.

.The consultation starts with some background information and the reasons for attending this
inner therapy . people book for many different reasons
.prior to the session ou have been having de ja vous moments spontaneous recall or
accessing snippets of past lives and this may be the threads for attending the session .You may just be super

curious to up level your self understanding

.The session is an interactive process that you participate in fully as i guide you through .You are always in control and supported .you may have a hard time at first to understand where the images are coming from but keep an open mind and just allow yourself to relax .you will find from the sessionthat a natural understanding &

filling in the gaps will occur as the session unfolds

just go with the flow .
what actually is the process?

past - life regression is a form of hypnosis that is a talk and guided visualisation collaboration .,Accessing these memories and talking them throughthe session can help confront issues in r current life .
past life regression the client is in alpha state ,which is a modified state of consciousness which occurs as a result of relaxation .The relaxation and light trance is the same as day dreaming or just before you wake up in the morning .you may receive different degrees of information .some may be crystal clear like watching on a cinema screen or may come in another way just like how your natural essence is

attuned to be more visual auditory or feeling in regards to life situations and how we perceive information .systems in place in your inner core will have a receptor finely tuned to yoiur persona way to receive and is the same in the session
some information may even appear surprisingly

in cartoon fashion but this is just acting as
an extra filter but never the less it is being pushed through to be accepted as a memory .

what are the benefits ?

bringing memories into conscious awareness can help or potentially diffuse the energy and emotional blockages .Undersanding the lessons or other life times can add more perspective to life choices you make in your current life ..If nothing else you have had a deeply relaxing session or a talking point a in social situations as ice breakers !...

why do we need to go for apast life regression session?

many peoplecome to a session to uncover the potential understanding to unusual ailments that have no explainable root cause in there present life.exhausing many conventional roots sometimes this type of session is the jackpot surpriseThe attraction of this hypnotherapy is you can uncover personality traits heal issues and learn about your karmic path with people who may have been with you for many life times in various roles

what else do i need to know?

life has many cycles and you played many roles,gender and levels in worldsignificance st aside judgment and release attachment to what may unfold in your incarnations .You may already have a inkling of possible understanding due to flashes of memory but take whatis needed from the sessions and use any tangible information to move forward and make life choice that create the best circumstances and not lock you into endless unnresolved cycles .


What is hypnotherapy?

AssisFng your conscious and unconscious to communicate with each other and enable a change in thoughts feelings and habits .The healing from this therapy redefines the relaFonship with how you can make decisions and is a tool for transformaFon .
Hypnotherapy transforms our THOUGHts ,beliefs ,acFons,habits ,percepFon ,reality .

How can I relate to basic hypnotherapy?

You go into semi trance every Fme you are in sync with an enthrowling tv show or book ..Any Fme you are interacFng in an acFvity you think lasted 5mins and actually an hour has passed .we enter trance like state at least twice a day which is before a deep sleep and before waking .Daydreaming is your trance super power as well as falling in love can hear all environmental sounds around you when engaged in trance as you are not asleep or unconscious

What to be aware of? Relaxing process bespoke to your needs .
You are always in control are guided through suggesFons but you can accept or choose not to .you will remain fully aware of your surroundings . no one controls you in hypnosis any more than they do when you day dream .hypnosis simply sets aside the conscious part of the mind and accesses the far larger more powerful subconscious you won't be asked to do anything against your will .dont worry about geIng it right or doing it right .

Basic instrucFons?
Please try to avoid analysing and just relax get comfortable and focus on my voice and suggesFons .all hypnosis

is really self hypnosis so you have a huge amount of control over your behaviour and wether you enter hypnoFc state ..

How long and what is the session structure .?
First session 90 minutes 60minutes for further sessions
Looking at potenFally re-write the script playing in your head upgrade to a new script that relates to your new goals and ideals
IniFally a chat or discussion about your history ,personal knowledge of hypnotherapy and goals for the session

The hypnotherapy trance : guided visualisaFon :collaboraFve quesFoning: posiFve suggesFon embedding : .encouraging analysis insights and synthesising aber the hypnotherapy session
Ground and re-orientate

What is Angel answers hypnotherapy ?
Generally this hypnotherapy is connecFng you to your guardian angel or guides to assist in your enquiries about

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Generally this hypnotherapy is connecFng you to your guardian angel or guides to assist in your enquiries about

your life path and decisions that are in your best will get more clarity to their existence in a variety of possible ways .You will feel the comfort and trust in the knowledge of their connecFon During life your guides and angels are always guiding and placing synchroniciFes in your path on a to day existence but this method allows you to have a direct access via your inner sensory mechanisms .your connecFon is profound in whichever visual representaFon is presented or communicated .Keeping an open mind Will allow the spiritual connected subconscious mind to express without mind filters .the image of light is used in this hypnotherapy to deepen the inducFon and alignes to the theta state During any hypnotherapy session there is always a safe haven that always gives addiFonal feelings of comfort for the client that is interwoven into the session


Why should i invest ?
The process of hypnotherapy allows inbuilt mechanisms to gain perspecFve and insight into your can quickly learn and unlearn a variety of behaviours with this method ...It is a wonderful experience of soul journeying .hypnosis is not a magic wand that promises dramaFc change with no always requires follow thro to insights sufficient scheduled acFon towards goals is a basic requirement but the sessions can reprogramme the mind to self-moFvate and have posiFve frameworks of thought .everything is free will

Are there other types of hypnotherapy available from Tracey ?

Yes I look too assist people with confidence anxiety self worth and future life progression which can be separate sessions but they are normally the corner stone of all the sessions but an aspect can be fully concentrated in a bespoke session .


what is an intuitive reading ?
Using my sensitivity ,I can help others understand situations feelings and emotions within a reading .I am able to provide perspective based on the current “vibes” and tune into your reading to reveal the most empowering options .My personal style is to move you forward to the greatest possibility in the situation you are needing a reading for .Along the journey of the reading you may uncover hidden aspects but also great insight moments

How do you connect ?
i connect to people on many levels .I " feel" vibration, shifts& the energy of others .My main sense is "knowing " due to being able to quickly synthesize lots of multi level invisible energy around the person.When all this energy is blended and expanded with the help of my guidance team i come up with a co-hesive and comprehensive understanding but all this happens in a blink of an eye . My style is natural very down - to earth and peppered with compassion and warmth .My oracle cards will add more depth to predictions and nudge you with greater precision to the next level and plan of your life .

How can a telephone reading work if your not in the same room .?

You will of course not be able to physically pick up a card ,however you can indicate your intention to contribute your energy field for a reading(eg;let me know when you want me to stop shuffling) and work with the magnetic resonance of the cards .You only have to be "open" to the process and framework of the reading. Telephone readings generally provide less distractions or influencing of body and facial expressions .my understanding in your reading is coming from your voice vibration and auric field that is fusing with mine


Has everyone the ability to provide readings ?

yes, if that is your intention and big enough desire .

when giving readings i attune, sync , to the clients personal energy signature energy I simply allow my mind to go to a clear space for information to drop-in from guides angels cosmic helpers .over the years i have learnt to build up a relationship with my" helpers" and Trust in the process .This is the simplified answer but the truth of the situation.

will you tell me anything bad ?

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Most people come to readings with a challenge and the aim is to establish a new perspective .The session should leave you in a mindset of greater positivity but also acceptance if it is time to lay new foundations elsewhere .lots of people are re- birthing their beliefs and inner structures which is providing" wobble" moments regarding their personal identity .Readings are the holding hands part which provides the arial view-point and some basic steps tools to bring you forward

The sessions will also help you identify that challenges are actually our break-thro moments to shift old outdated parts of our lives ,Knowing and appreciating embracing your biggest growth comes from stretching old ideals challenges Its not about avoiding but minimising the impact and modifying the path so you dont become engulfed in the magnitude of the challenge ,The reading will help you course correct or help you navigate the emotional treacle moments when you need an external pair of eyes ,

There are restrictions to what can be discussed legally Pregnancy health

financial advice


What is a soul plan reading ?

This a psychological soul energy system that connects to your natural vibraDon and essence .This guidance system helps you to understand your inner being .on a worldly and spiritual level.This system is aMracDve to everyone as it touches the core of who we are and points us to our most favourable path .The dominant intenDon of this system is to calculate interpret and synthesis all of our mulDlateral soul knowledge and elevate you towards evolving at a level of your soul purpose .

What is the soul plan frame work ?

This is the development of an ancient stystem with a modern adapDon .The model of interpretaDon is based on your birth name vibraDon .within the integraDve holisDc and energeDcs of the system the fundamental principle is to understand your natural energeDc signature based on various components that are highlighted as talents or challenges .This soul emoDonal bio-energeDc component has a therapeuDc value of expressing the blind spots looping or incongruent expressions that may be having adverse effects and not leading you into alignment with your soul plan .The soul plan is a self empowering self help &self energeDcally acDvaDng system .

What are the benefits of the soul plan ?
This is a system that takes you to the next level of understanding yourself .Soul plan is a amazing percepFve incisive self-educaFon to yourself through all your own personal levels .The process allows you to you to recognise fully how you relate within the world and inter-relate spiritually .This credible guidance system will assist you through the process of life and provide inner tools for a more meaningful life .soul plan is a the profound level and understanding you may be searching for to offer valuable insights into your personal and spiritual nature .

What happens in a session ?

the session is an invesFgaFon of your soul truths and purpose .During your session you will have your personal soul plan that is the tool for analysis .This can be emailed to you in advance or printed out if it is a 1:1 session in person .The protocol of the session you will have a small pre-talk your soul blueprint interpretaFon which will have the assistance of pracFcal tools to heal and align to your purpose . Lastly you will have an energeFc acFvaFon .

What else should I know about soul plan ?
this is a wonderful people -orientated self discovery system .It provides Is an energeFc mirror of the different levels of your soul This system gives many eye opening and potenFal AHA moments within your personal soul exploraFon session.
On your face to face or Skype session you will most definitely receive support ,highlight your natural talents and become aware of your own invisible barriers whilst also offering basic for life style changes .

What can I use soul plan for apart from my personal use ?

THis profound level of soul awareness can be accessed for your own personal re-tuning wellness and healing.The

system also allows for many other applicaFons .The significance of your dominant birth vibraFonal name can be compared and contrasted with other specific vibraFonal energies .An over lay name can be presented against your birth name to see how much of an alignment or adjustmentswould be to be made to be compaFble .

The areas you can use the system effecFvely with the overlay name analysis would be

Changing to a married new name
Business name which aligned with your birth name Name changes deed poll

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Name changes deed poll
RelaFonship higher perspecFve compaFbility reading


why do we need a session of SRT ?

Srtis a soul clearing session.This amazing quantum clearing session involves metaphysics intermingled with knowledge and understanding of your soul stages,growth and challenges .This exciting inner self exploration can assist with the transformation of the soul.Making positive changes of clearing your out dated soul experiences can redefine your future and its potential possibilities .

what is the subconscious?
we run programs in our subconscious that are hardwired.once they are given a command or message they never deviate

until you deliberately instruct it to do so.These programes can however have limitations as you can imagine in modern life .

,The system of SrT has however found a way to acess internal systems of self programming and with the help of the higher mind ,The system clears out negative redundant programes and replaces with positiveso you have a greater ability to face challenges with grace and ease

What is SrT ?

its basically an M O T for the soul using a pendulum

in conjunction with the hightest aspect of yourself

you are able to locate blocks and programmes in your soul library via a large set of detailed master healing & energy charts .sometimes in your session if your soul programmes are cache you can give your programmes a spiritual kick to reboot your system The sessions are a free flow of research and clearing energy which you can relax into knowing that you will feel a soul sense of lightness .The sessions require nothing of you other than an open mind and heart to want the best version of your self .We are consciouslyevolving and our soul programmes need to be cleared like an operating system to upgrade the best version of yourself .

what happens in a session ?

This non evasive procedure is a multi level examination of your soul ,The session starts with asertaining the consciousness level your

currently operating at

making an commitment to work with the highest aspect of yourself .

researching - identifying -clearing soul programmes that are limiting your potential fusing in some releasing statements if appropriate
closing down at the end of the session

what percentage of my programmes are cleared in a session?
in one single session it would depend on how much research needs to be implimented within your session time ,

can the session be done via skype ?
yes the session doesnt have to be face to face but can be delivered remotely .

do i need to bring anything ?
no just an open mind and a will to up- level your soul experiences for the future